"I had my first surgery when I was 13..."

Fishnet top - Red fishnet stockings with the gusset cut out to make a fishnet top
Top - Tan/brown Bustier
Gloves - blue leather-ish
Wrist - Red gauntlet on right wrist
Boots - High heel

Z-addict on the left:
Blue hair
Shirt - Peach tank top/bustier with slits part way up the sides and emblem on front
Gloves - short, black fishnet gloves
Stockings - Pink Thigh highs over black fishnets
Skirt - Black
Shoes - White boots with spiked heel

Z-addict in the middle:
Skirt - Pink
Top - Black patent leather, zipper in the front over black long sleeve fishnet top with pink bra underneath
Socks - Dark calf socks over black fishnets
Shoes - Pink

Z-addict on the right:
Pink dread hairfalls
Top - White corset with black detailing and a pink bra underneath
Stockings - Pink thigh highs with pink garters
Shoes - Black short boots with thin heel
Shorts - Black
Gloves - One black, one white

Shorts - Long tight black shorts
Shoes - Silver high heels