Blind Mag
Outfit #1 - Geneco Commercial

Green wrap Dress
Long Black Gloves

Outfit #2 - Sanitarium Square

Dress - Green
Arm bands - Leather
Bracelets/wrist guards - Leather with metal rivets
Headband - studded

Outfit #3 - Chase the Morning

Robe - Hooded and patterned
Undershirt - Shimmery undershirt or corset

Outfit #4 - Chrommagia

Headband - Leather spiked
Choker - Leather spiked

Fingers - Spiked finger nail attachments
Bracelets - Spiked leather bracelets
Corset - leather under bust with feathers as a skirt and bra with an attached mesh train

Stockings - Sheer black
Boots - Leather thigh high boots with high heels