GENtern Dress Outfit

Dress Right Side Out:

Dress Inside Out:

Shoes - 5" Dolly 93 heels

Mask - red translucent gel

We started this Op'ra Shit/Blame not my cheeks GENterns

Mask - red
Gloves - Short red fishnet
Stockings - tight knit white fishnets
Bottoms - White cheesecloth tied over white boyshorts
Tops - 1:Sports bra with thin straps 2,3:White push up bra with cheesecloth tied to it halter style 4-6:Standard white bras
Arms - Some genterns have white fabric tied around their arms or wrists
Shoes - 5" heels Dolly 93 with Red cross on front


Dress - Black in same style as white dress
Shoes - 5" black boots with Cross on the side
Mask - Red